Trump Proclamation re Visas 06/22/2020

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Dear Clients,

If Shakespeare had to describe the Presidential Proclamation on Work visas of June 22, 2020, he would say—-the proclamation is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
tRump is NOT God or the King. tRump does not have the power to stop H-1B or L-1 or J-1. That needs to be done by the Congress. What this proclamation says is:
1. Folks seeking entry—ie they are now outside the US—
2. who does not have, as yet, a valid H-1B, H-2B, L or certain types of J-(teacher, summer jobs, au pair, etc) Visas—
CANNOT ENTER the US until December 31, 2020.
This does not affect anyone already in the US.
This does not affect anyone outside the US who already have said visa.
This do not affect the adjudication of NEW H-1Bs by Citizenship and Immigration Service for those folks NOT in the US.
It simply relates to entry into the US.
Now, you folks know there is this thing going on world wide —called Covid 19, which is impacting travel anyways. Can you even get interviews with the consulates with covid going on?
The proclamation correctly states that 17 million US jobs have been lost. And that is true. But employers who do not have jobs are not even filing for these visas. Many new H-1B registration are being wasted. When the economy does not do well, the number of visa filings goes down. This happened in all economic crisis, including recently in 2007-2010
Also, Americans either do not have the qualifications of an H-1B, or would rather collect unemployment than do back breaking H-2B jobs.
What this proclamation did well was please the tRump base and created unnecessary fear among the immigrant population.