To file the EB-1 I-485 adjustment of status with medical or not—-that is a valid question.
The way that the Citizenship and Immigration Service is supposed to work is that they adjudicate cases first in first out. In September 2017, the final action dates for EB-1 for both India and China was backlogged to 2012. It’s current from October 1.
However both nations were current for their filing dates for EB-1. That leaves the question whether the I-485 application should be filed with the Immigration medical or not. Immigration medicals are valid for one year only. Thus if your petition takes more than 1 year to adjudicate, you have to do another medical. The second medical if necessary should be an update only, and should not include fresh vaccines.
Immigration Medical/Physical consists of the applicant going to a doctor prescribed by the Citizenship and Immigration Service. That Doctor should give you form I-693 to fill out your name. Then the doctor checks whether you have Tuberculosis, any sexually transmitted disease, (Syphilis, Gonorrhea etc) and whether you’ve had your vaccines. They also check general physical and mental health, including substance abuse.

Hepatitis B
Chicken Pox (varicella)
TD Booster
FLU (in flu season)

If you have taken any of these vaccines in your home country, please take your shot records with you to your emergency medical


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