Recent Trends in Business Immigration

Much has been said about undocumented Immigration, Sanctuary cities etc; but we hardly hear about business Immigration. The recent trends in Business Immigrations are:

The recent Request for Evidence are given for Wage level 1 rates.
Pro: We do need higher level Professionals in the US instead of entry level professionals.
Con: Employers for New H-1B don’t know who they are getting and how they will work. Its difficult to promise them higher wages without seeing their performance
Solution: Do the lottery before we apply. That way we know how much to pay or whether to even employ that person
However for petitions with a higher wage, are getting approved.
Although the standards are same, the burden of proof (which the applicant has) seems to have increased. Again small Companies are at a disadvantage compared to large companies. However Requests for Evidence are also being doled out for larger publicly traded Companies

PERM-Labor Certification

Right now, if one applies correctly, perms are getting certified in about 5-6 mts. Same with I-140. Not seeing increase in audits.

I-485 Adjustment of status

Although not more difficult, Adjustments both Employment and Family based are taking a lot longer to process.

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