Government Shutdown will not affect most Immigration cases

Please note that the Government shutdown due to the budget impasse does not affect Citizenship and Immigration Service.  Citizenship and Immigration Service operates with the filing fees of petitions, and does not rely on any Government funding.  Just like the Postal service, the Citizenship and Immigration Service will run as usual, with the same number of staff.  This means that your business and family immigration case will not be affected.  It will not take longer to process due to Governmental shutdown.  
All individuals should go for their interviews and fingerprinting as usual.
The icert (labor condition application, filing before H-1B) and PERM- Labor Certification systems operated by Department of Labor is also running.  The Department of Labor has said its “expected” to operate.  However in the event that the impasse continues for a long time, and their funds run out we will not be able to operate their web sites.  Right now there is no indication of a Department of Labor (Foreign office processing) will shut down.  However if the shutdown is prolonged, we will not be able to file new labor condition applications or PERM- Labor Certifications or audit answers.  Right now, we have to operate as usual.
Department of State will try to stay open as much as possible, but again, might close if the shutdown is prolonged.  Right now there is no report of any consulates being closed.
The Customs and Border patrol will also operate as usual.  So will Transportation Security Agents at ports of entries.  
In the Immigration arena, the only type of cases already affected is deportation cases.  The courts will only hear detainee cases.  Other cases are being temporarily stopped. 
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