Is COMPREHENSIVE Immigration solely a Latino issue?

The Senate has formed a bi partisan committee to work on Immigration issues and plans to put forward a bill as early as March. The committee is headed by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D, NY) who said that the main purpose of the bill was to make sure that illegal immigrants be given a “clear path to citizenship.” I understand that the 11 million illegal immigrants are performing a valuable service to this country and SHOULD be made citizens. What I don’t understand is why the Democrats and the Obama Administration is so opposed to highly skilled workers legally here, in the United States, and have to wait for years to get their citizenship. These are the “STEM” people, (Science Tech, Engineering and Math) graduates  (mostly masters degree holders and higher) from India and China.
The Democrats have been issuing Executive orders like DACA and making 601 waivers easier. I firmly believe that this is necessary.  But why do they keep the unconstitutional Neufeld memo of Jan 08, 2010 injecting a inane “control” issue into H-1Bs and then using it selectively against the Computer Consulting Industry ONLY, thereby trying to cripple that industry?  What does that say about the intent of Democrats?
Why did ALMOST ALL democrats vote against the Marco Rubio Sponsored STEM bill? If they are so opposed to piecemeal legislation, why issue piecemeal Executive orders?
I am a Democrat, I voted for Obama.  I am just saying the word COMPREHENSIVE means all, not just the Latino issue.  Silicon Valley also votes and pays for campaigns. And we do need highly qualified Science and Math jobs because America does not have enough of them, more than we need the blue colored Latino jobs. Lets make it COMPREHENSIVE, not just a Latino issue.
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