I wish I could say Thank you for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. I wish I could say thank you to a Congress that actually cared about the people rather than their own reelection. I wish the Republicans and Democrats could work together. 
But I can’t. I cant even give thanks to Mr. Obama for the new DACA law.  Why? Because most officers are asking for documents that are sometimes impossible to get. The applicants have to prove that they were in the United States from 07.  After they graduate High School, they work illegally for cash. They live with their parents. Why is it not enough that they went to school here in the United States and graduated high school? 
But the Immigrant vote is growing.  And both Republicans and Democrats need those votes to win.  
On my list:
1. Give legal status to people here illegally, (provided they have a job and clean status) so that they can pay taxes and pay for services rendered to them
2. Do away with country quotas which are remnants of Xenophobia and grant visas to people irrespective of national origin or color, equally
3 Do away with quotas for non immigrant visas and let the free market system dictate the amount
4. Standardize the granting of visas from all consulates around the globe. 
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