4 More years—-We need Immigration Reform

We the people voted in Obama for a second term. In the first term many Republicans in Congress simply would not pass anything.  They wanted the President to fail.  They simply collected pay from the taxes of American people and did nothing.
Mitt Romney, in his concession speech said he would like America to come together. I don’t know if this is just another Romney lie. Hopefully they will cooperate, because if not, the public will not look at them favorably in 2016.
However if they dont, Obama need to forge ahead with Immigration Reform. The Deferred action for illegal Immigrants need to become law.  So does business immigration, including entrepreneurs and investors.  And Professionals, And researchers. We build this nation by Immigrants. And to do away with restrictive country quotas for visas. 
We have again elected a black President.  The other choice was a Mormon. Its high time we give Liberty and Justice for all—whether they are gays, immigrants or different religious beliefs.
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