Immigration and Republicans

The republican campaign have on the whole catered to their socially conservative base and been either silent or hostile on the issue of immigration.  But today, two Republican proponents of Immigration, NYC mayor, Bloomberg, and Rupert Murdoch blasted Mitt Romney for the Republican stance on Immigration. In a panel discussion, Mr. Murdoch said that there is a huge shortage of  Technology and Science graduates and that he is amazed that we dont grant automatic visas to Master’s Degree holders  instead of  making them go through the “restrictive H-1B visa process”.
The Republicans have been friendly to business immigration.  However, Romney and Ryan dont seem to care about Immigration.  The Campaign’s attitude is that Immigration is a Hispanic issue and they have given up on those votes.  The Deferred Action  of  Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been wrongly criticized by the Republican party as back door amnesty.  All these dreamers are getting is a work permit, and they are young, educated, came  into this country through no fault of their own and have no criminal records.  We educated these people in our public schools, and yet we don’t give them the right to drive or work. They live and fall sick, and we pay for their health care. Yet they are denied the basic right of survival. Why not give them the right to work and earn their own living?
20 years from now, the population of the United States will not be a majority of religious, conservative, anti gay, anti women’s rights, gun toting, country music loving individuals. And the rest of the population will not forgive this Republican party. Unless of course the Republican party  does another 360 degrees turn and become the party of Abe Lincoln again.
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