Its hell to be poor.  Its even more hell to be poor and without papers.  As I am seeing the clients for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (DACA) I am shocked to see how the police have treated them in Harris and Fort Bend Counties of Texas. These individuals are taken to jail at the drop of a hat.  Very often they don’t have money to fight these charges.
One of my clients went to a local Jack in the Box to get breakfast for his family in a bright sunny Texas morning. When coming back,  in his neighborhood, a cop car followed him. He had his lights on, but my client did not see him, because it was a bright morning.  There was no  probable cause for following him.  My client pulled into his own home, 9 doors down from where he was followed by the police. The police handcuffed him, and took him to jail for evading arrest. There were no driving violations, why was the cop even following him? My client  got out the next day on bail. They found a lawyer and after spending $4000/-, their case was dismissed by the judge.
In several cases, the dreamers were jailed simply for speeding 10 miles over the speed limit.  A rich kid would never be booked for this.
These things are happening in Texas counties, I shudder to think what is happening in Maricopa County in Arizona. Even now Arizona and Nebraska (and maybe even Texas) are going to deny these dreamers the driver’s license, even though the federal government is giving them work permits.  They will have to drive illegally and without insurance to get to work.
Governments are supposed to look after the welfare of their residents. But these Republican State Governors think its better to fight the Obama regime than to look after their citizen’ welfare.
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