Who Can File?

  1. Did you come to the US before your 15th birthday?
  2. Did you live in the US continuously (ie did not leave US) since August 15, 2007?
  3. Are you currently under the age of 31?
  4. Are you currently in school, have a high school diploma, A GED certificate, or honorably discharged by the military?
  5. Do you have any criminal record—ie Felony or a significant Misdemeanor?
  6. Were you present in the US on June 15, 2012?
  7. Were you out of status on or before June 30, 2012?

When can you apply?
The Citizenship and Immigration Service has said they will release information on August 15, and you can apply from that day.

What documents do you need?

  1. Proof of present enrollment in school, or Diploma or certificate or military
  2. Proof of being in the United States before 16th birthday—– proof of school records from 9th or 10th grade or below.
  3. Birth certificate—If in other language, translated in English
  4. Proof of current residence (in June) in the United States—-like bills, pay checks, school records, etc
  5. Citizenship and Immigration Service fees of $380/-
  6. 2 passport size photos
  7. If minor criminal record, proof of it.

What will You get?
You will not get the Green Card (Permanent Resident Card).  But you will get the WORK PERMIT, can work legally, and won’t get deported

What is the procedure?
You will file on or after August 15th. You will have to go in for fingerprints. You can check your status online, then you will have the Work Permit mailed to you by Citizenship and Immigration Service.

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