Increasingly, United States is divided into the Red State and Blue State.  One is liberal, asking for social rights, the other is conservative, asking for less governmental interference. Yet immigration was an issue that transcended party lines.  And for the most part it still does.  The doing away with per country quota for Green card passed the house and senate with support from both sides.  Business Immigration for the most part is supported by both sides. Yet the difference is becoming increasingly evident in the illegal immigrant field.

While Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia, the red states passed anti immigration local laws, California for instance has a bill termed “Anti Arizona.”  California feels that if local law enforcement has the right to check immigration documents of people they stop for probable cause, it will lead to impermissible targeting of minorities.

Yet in the final analysis, the decision to restrict illegal immigration is a financial one. If immigrants feel threatened in one state, they will just go into another.  Arizona businesses are already feeling the sting of the Immigration Act, and even Governor Brewer  was backing down on some of the principles of the bill. And Georgia had half its crops going bad, with no one to pick the crops.  And Republicans love businesses.

If the Republican party can concede to their financial segment rather than their extreme right wing militia, they can come to terms with illegal immigration. Then the Congress can pass a comprehensive immigration reform.  If so, at the least, the American public will not hate Congress, at the best, everyone, from Mexican immigrants to big business will be happy with both parties.

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