Houston Immigration Lawyer on Illegal Immigrants and Voting

By July 25, 2012News & Press

Illegal immigration has been the proverbial hot-button topic from the time the 2012 Presidential race began in earnest earlier this year. Whether it was former Massachusetts Governor and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney saying that “self-deportation” is the way to go — if they cannot get jobs here, they’ll go back to wherever they came from — to Florida purging the voter rolls to make sure those alleged illegals do not add to the ballot boxes, it’s a subject that just will not, and is not going away.

“The anti-immigrant types are outraged, claiming illegal immigrants are casting ballots in unprecedented numbers,” said Houston immigration lawyer Annie Banerjee. “They cite numbers from 2005, which say 5% of 30,000 people called to jury duty were not citizens.

“In many states — including Texas — juries are chosen based on driver’s licenses, not voter registration status. Many permanent residents and not immigrants have earned the privilege to drive, so it is not surprising some members of this group would be called in for potential jury duty.”

Besides, an illegal immigrant’s main mission is to stay under the radar as much as possible and not be detected by the authorities and subsequently deported. An illegal would rather work than vote, because the former brings in money. Illegals come here to make a living. Why would they risk getting caught by trying to vote? Since there’s nothing for them in their home country, they come here to work, make a few dollars and for survival.

Under the Real ID Act, many illegal immigrants will be denied the right to drive, lessening their ability to work and make ends meet. Even though that means they cannot get insurance, they just might decide to take their chances and drive, anyway. Accidents can and do happen, and society as a whole pays for them.  This is also true of health insurance — the public pays for the cost, instead of immigrants footing their bills.

If the anti-immigration folks were made to pay for this for one day, they would change their tune and look at the facts.

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