Kansas tires to introduce legislation to authorize illegal immigrants to work

A traditionally conservative group of Business Association consisting of  Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau , various building and manufacturing firms and Agricultural industry is trying to get the Kansas legislature to introduce a bill making it possible for undocumented (yes, illegal) workers to work there legally.  They claim that the shortage of labor in various industry has had devastating consequences in States that enacted strict legislation for excluding undocumented immigrants. For instance in Georgia, 50% of the produce has not been picked loosing the State $4.2 million and would rise to $20 Bn, if all undocumented immigrants left Georgia. They also state that deporting even a third of undocumented aliens will cost US $80 billion. 

The immigrants do work that US workers simply will not do. Even Arizona, an early proponent of anti immigration legislation is backing off due to the terrible economic loss that the State has been hit with. 

The Kansas bill would require certain illegal immigrants with clean record stay in Kansas for 5 years. 

What’s interesting about this legislation is that its been promulgated by Republicans. Unfortunately the Republican party has two factions, the social conservatives and the fiscal conservatives. The social conservatives (consisting of mostly white and racist people) have pegged their hatred about the mostly brown (Mexican) illegal immigrants on grounds that these people are here illegally. The fiscal conservative group is seeing the devastating economic consequences of these hard line bills and not liking them. It will be interesting to see who wins. 

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