Self Deportation and Our Economy

Mitt Romney walked into a storm when he used the term, “self deportation” ie don’t give illegal people jobs, and they will self deport themselves. This idea was already present in America, with a different (better sounding) term: Attrition Through Enforcement.” The blog by Immigration Policy Center talks about how research shows that immigrants will not leave even if they don’t have a job, because many have lived here for more than 10 years, and have roots here.

Well, let’s just assume Mitt Romney is right. If we demand to see “papers” for every job, that illegal immigrants will simply leave and go away. What will happen then to the American economy?

Construction costs will go up, and construction will take forever.  Because Americans will simply not do the job. No one will pick fruits and vegetables, so as Stephen Colbert pointed out, “we should simply stop eating fruits and vegetables.” And maybe build our own houses. I wonder if Romney’s grand kids would mow the White House lawns.  And yes, no one will cut up chickens and eggs.

Or maybe, as the Conservatives so often want, we can go back to the lifestyles of the original founders of the country. Work with our hands, make this country white only, and preserve our guns. And then we can simply sit and watch all other nations bypass us.

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