How Arapiao and others justify discrimination today

A few weeks ago I was in a spin class taught by this ultra conservative Christian teacher who had openly professed that the tsunami in Asia happened because “God punished those heathens.”  The teacher was substituting the class, which was supposed to be a non religious spin class. (In her own class she only plays Christian music).  I asked her if she was playing Christian music, not because I dislike Christian music, but because at 5:45 am I want something loud with a fast rhythm. She immediately had it in for me. She did not play Christian music, but tried to correct the way I sat on a spin bike.  Not the adjustment and bike setting, but my posture. I do a ton of spin classes and have been doing them for quite some time to know what to do. She obviously wanted to mess me up, so that I would injure my knees. When I told her to stay away, she immediately derided me publicly and said I was anti Christian. (with her microphone). She also tried to justify it by saying that she is a certified instructor and was trying to “correct me.”

Yes, you can justify discrimination. The slave masters did it.  And so does Maricopa county Sheriff, Joe Arapiao. How can you justify making illegal criminals wear pink underwear in jail and countless other indiscretions.  How can you justify stopping people simply because of the color of their skin? How can you justify not looking into sexual misconducts against Hispanic victims? By blaming the Obama Administration as using this as political move. Exactly like the spin teacher derided me for being anti Christian when I told her to stay away. Arapiao said, “Don’t come here and use me as a whipping boy for a national and international problem,” he said. “We are proud of the work we have done to fight illegal immigration. ”  

The Justice Department released a scathing report after a long investigation, and the DHS revoked the counties ability to assist it in the Secure Communities Program. 

Yes, I understand that the Republicans hate illegal immigrants. And yes, we need to pass legislation. But how can America justify violating the civil rights of anyone? Interestingly the forefathers of these same people thought trading and selling slaves was OK.  And these forefathers at that time blamed the then Republican Lincoln of political moves. 

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