Why Americans will just not do certain jobs

This week  Business week explored the subject as to why some Americans wont do “Dirty Jobs.”  After Alabama passed its most restrictive Immigration Law, the poultry industry, the fruit picking industry, the construction industry are all virtually shut down because no Americans who will take these jobs. This even though Birmingham Alabama is declaring bankruptcy and unemployment is sky high. The article says that these jobs are hard, and pay little with no benefits. The comments on the article are ablaze with how these employers should pay higher amounts and have benefits. But the article does not elucidate as to what will happen if we mandate employers to do that.
The cost of food will go up. The Americans will initially take the jobs.  Then when they discover that its hard work, they will quit. Why? because Americans have this sense of entitlement that immigrants don’t have.
This sense of entitlement amongst “true Americans” is pervasive throughout the society. Go to any ivy league college, and there are the kids who got in through legacy, who will walk around in their designer clothes as if they own the world. Yet they contrast with their immigrant classmate, who got in based on merit and continue to outperform the legacy kids in academics.  That is why you have people like George Bush and Rick Perry, graduating with a “gentleman’s C”  They never had to work hard ever in their lives.
Same is true of the blue-collar workers. They are spoiled with clean, cool working conditions with accompanying money and benefits. Make them work in the field under the burning sun or in a smelly poultry factory, and their auto industry trained body will not take it.
Yet immigrants come in, work hard and don’t complain. That is true of all immigrants , in all ages, starting from the pilgrims. They were not born into privilege. They chose to live in America and expect to work hard and go up the ladder. And that is how America was built, and that is how it became a super power.
So if we become restrictionists like Arizona and Alabama, it is our quality that will suffer.  By becoming insular and white, we will turn the clock back to the time of the Willy Lomans (Death of a Salesman) of this country.

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