Privacy Issues in the Internet Age

This week the Supreme Court heard a case as to whether the police can track an individual through a GPS (available in most smart phones) without a warrant. USCIS has also been using the internet for some time now.  For family based cases based on marriage, the officers check facebook to see the status of the person. Never mind that some people forget to update their status from single to married especially if they are not addicted to Face Book.
But what is more irritating is that USCIS uses Dun and Bradstreet (a private company) to check the address of companies filing for employment based cases. D&B extremely frequently do not update their listing of the Companies.  USCIS  “suggests” that the Employer update their information in D&B. Employers are not lawyers and get scared whenever any Government authority tells them to do something. So they call D&B, who then sign on these employers for paid listings, etc. In the end, this Government agency is enabling a private company to solicit employers and enrich their pockets.
Is this Legal? Yes, employers may not have a right to privacy, but should USCIS suggest to employers to follow up with D&B reporting? Especially when there is NO law to do so?

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