Advice for Foreign Students

A question is sometimes get form foreign students is , “what school should I go to?”  The answer to that is probably simple, the school that is best ranked by US News and World Report. There was an ex Taliban student from Afghanistan, who got a visa to go to Yale.

The rationale for that is US needs bright students. But what if you cant get into Harvard or Yale?

Usually its harder to get a visa from a foreign country (especially India) if you are going to a community college.  Try for at least a 4 year degree college. A community College degree is useless anyways, so dont waste your money on them.  The colege has to be SEVIP approved. Ask and find out if it is.

There are numerous colleges and Universities in the US. Online colleges and degrees obtained from them are not given the F-1 visa. In general, online colleges are not good colleges, and most places dont recognize such degrees.

The procedure is simple.  After getting admission, the College will send you the I-20. One needs to take that, and proof of financial Support to the consulate to get the student visa and come in.

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