Refugee Protection Act Could Positively Change Asylum Claim Timelines

By August 7, 2011News & Press

The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate recently introduced The Refugee Protection Act of 2011. The Act renews the country’s efforts to protect people who have been victims of persecution and torture. It also does away with the one-year requirement for refugees to file their asylum claims.

“Time after time, immigration judges are forced to refuse asylum to deserving refugees who, against all odds, have reached our shores in search of protection,” said David Leopold, executive committee member at The American Immigration Lawyers Association. “The arbitrary one-year rule not only denies them a critical safe-haven but it leads to administrative waste by forcing immigration judges to spend valuable time deciding whether or not a refugee can be excused for late-filing, rather than considering whether the person deserves protection. It is reprehensible that the United States is denying asylum based on an arbitrary deadline.”

The one-year deadline, say the bill’s supporters, can be tough for many individuals to comply with because they are not familiar with U.S. laws and they are still dealing with many challenges after leaving their home country. The bill would also review the U.S. refugee resettlement program, and analyze minimal forms of protection that bar a person from becoming a legal permanent resident. Many refugees do not know anyone in the U.S. when they land on our soil and do not know how to navigate the maze of paperwork and bureaucracies to obtain proper documentation.

This year the world has seen a lot of changes, with many Middle Eastern and African nations experiencing political upheaval. People around the world are still victims of persecution because of their race, religion, political opinion, and sometimes even the social group they belong to. And after an environmental disaster, many people come to the U.S. to seek a better life. An individual should get legal counsel early on to ensure that all the paperwork and timelines are met to get and maintain lawful immigration status.

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