The Obama Administration announced a policy yesterday that it would not deport “young people” who had been brought into this country when they were young, and through no fault of their own.  These people were educated here, often going to college or joining the military. Legislation to grant them status were stalled in the Congress for over a decade.  The Republicans did not want to give them any status because “they could then pass on the status to their parents”.  However the re is no current law for the children to do that. These children can only petition for a spouse who is illegal under current laws. 
Yet these children came into the country through no fault of their own.  They were educated here, often having college degrees. Yet they lacked a social security number and cannot work. They cannot do anything in this country. And because they lived here, they had no other country. These educated young man and women are countryless. 
The Obama administration is not giving them a complete pass. Each case will be decided on a case by case merit. And only for this class of people, not for their parents who chose to come here illegally.  And only the fact that they will not be deported.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  have to use prosecutorial discretion. They have to consider their education, their ties to Unityed States Citizen, etc. And they will simply not be deported, they will not be given any status here.
Even then, Republicans like Lamar Smith of Texas (where else?) calls this a “backdoor method of amnesty.”
Hopefully the Latino community will remember this.
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