Generally people can immigrate to the US through employment, family or asylum. But there is another category—the diversity visa. People from nations that are underrepresented in the US, can enter a visa lottery. The Government computer picks applicants, and they get to immigrate to the US.
Obviously whenever there is such a lottery, scamers abound. Scamers ask people to pay money to them, and they “guarantee” that those people will get in.  Applicants should apply ONLY through the government website:
But when thousands of immigrants have to wait for so many years, is it fair to select a lucky few through a lottery, and hand them the golden ticket to immigration? To participate in the Diversity visa, one has to be just a high school graduate, and be born in a country whose citizens are under represented in the US.  How does a US Master’s Degree holder from India and China, who came here, studied, work hard, and has to wait forever to get their immigration, watch someone who is just a high school graduate come into this country. And is it fair to our, native born high school graduates, to see someone from Romania take that McJob?
And what exactly does “diversity” establish? Back in the days when there was no computers, we might actually learn a lot from someone from say Sierra Leone about their country. But now that information is just a google click away.
There is a bill in the house to do away with the ‘diversity” visa. Its time we get the brightest and the best from other countries, to advance the United States, rather than just some high school graduates who just happen to be born in these fortunate countries. The quota for diversity visas should be allocated to US Master degree’s holders who will benefit our economy.
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