DREAM Act Provides Chance for Reform and Youths to Become Legal Citizens

By July 27, 2011Immigration Policy

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2011 is a huge immigration bill that not only increases security and immigration enforcement but allows children who have been in the U.S. to obtain legal status if they meet certain guidelines. Part of this reform is the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act) that would let children who came to the U.S. before 16 years old, and have been here for at least five years, to become legal citizens. They would have to graduate high school, have good morals and a clean criminal record, and go to college or enlist in the military for two years to be eligible.

“The need for Congress to enact real immigration reform could not be any more urgent,” said Eleanor Pelta, President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “Immigration reform would aid our economy and provide fairness to taxpayers, job creators, and families that now get hopelessly entangled in the dysfunctional system.”

Instead of living every day with the fear of getting deported, these kids could better contribute to the success of America, say the bill’s supporters. These teens, who are honor roll students, athletes, and hard working, just want a fair chance to stay in the country that gave them many opportunities. With legalization, the bill’s proponents say that these teens would contribute to the American workforce in many beneficial ways. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, “…they’d be paying more taxes, starting businesses and creating jobs, all of which would infuse a much-needed kick-start to the economy and help drive down the national debt.”

The U.S. House of Representatives supported this legislation last year, but it has been an uphill battle in the Senate in 2011. Senate Republicans are more focused on U.S.-Mexico border security and enforcement provisions, and concerned that legalizing these students could bring unintended consequences. Arne Duncan noted that three million jobs have gone unfilled in the U.S. in science, mathematics, technology, and education that these students could be perfect for. Look at the Intel Science Talent Search competition, for example, and the roster is full of students who are high achievers and were born outside the U.S.

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