Jose Antonio Vargas won the pulitzer in 1997 for the Virginia Tech shootings. He has interviewed Mark Zuckerberg. He writes for the Washington Post. And he is illegal.

His mother put him in a plane from the Phillipines, and he landed in California, and lived with his grandparents. He was a very good student. When he discovered that he was “illegal” he learned to speak English, so that no one would mistake him as “illegal”. And now, he has come out, to fight for his rights, to fight for the rights of thousand others like him, illegal children, who were raised in the US, educated in the US. The House tried to pass, what is called the Dream Act several times, to legalize these children, yet the bill always die. Republican Congressmen, like Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas, think that granting these students the Permanent Resident status would encourage their parents to file for permanent residency.

Yet, if what Vargas did was criminal, then its criminal to be a human. He overcame, and he survived. And this determination achieved fruits for America. Yet, how many Vargases are being quashed everyday by restrictionists?

To deny undocummented children who are being educated in the US, the right to survive and live properly in the US, is not only inhumane, its ultimately detrimental for America. Look at the list of Nobel Prizes from America, at the list of Intel and Westinghouse Science Scholars. Yes, if we were to all leave the US, the US would become a third world country in a day. It would become the country of sub intellects like Sarah Palin.

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