Supreme Court and Immigration

In a 5-3 majority decision yesterday (Justice Kagan recused herself) the US Supreme Court held in Chamber of Commerce v. Whitting, that Arizona should keep the controversial bill to prohibit illegal immigrants from working. They will have mandatory E-Verify requirement for every employer in Arizona. As expected the 5 Justices who voted for this are conservative Republican justices.

However look at who brought the lawsuit. Chamber of Commerce. Why? The Chamber of Commerce does not cry out for illegal immigrants from South America. They care about businesses, and businesses in Arizona are hurting. There are some industries that simply willl not find Americans to do the job, and will be forced to relocate to other States. And Arizona will hurt economically.

Yet it is the Republican Justices who advocate for businesses. They bill themselves as the financial gurus, ruling harshly against individuals and pro business. However when the question boils down to Xenophobia vs. financial interest, Xenophobia wins in the Republican and Conservative minds.

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