Caught between State and Federal Systems

More and more States are trying to take immigration matters in their own hands and enacting punitive immigration laws for the illegal immigrants. This blog is not about illegal immigrants. This blog deals with how unnecessarily hard life is for legal immigrants, just because State agencies don’t understand Immigration Law.

You need a social security number for everything. And a valid Immigration Approval notice. So lets take the case of Client C. He has an H-1B which expired on April 01, 2011. He filed for an extension on January 01, 2011. He got the receipt notice which just says its a receipt notice. But according to immigration laws his status is valid. He can work and stay in the US. However, come April 01, try and explain that to the driver’s license agents in any state. They will simply not get a renewal. Without the car, it is extremely difficult for Cleint C to get to work. But if he does not work, according to Federal Immigration law his status is not valid. So yes, Client C has to get up at 4 am and take public transportation, cab or walk or bike to work.

Take the example of client B. He came to the US and married. He files adjustment of status. His wife cannot put him on any health insurance. He falls sick. Now what? They cannot rely on State welfare for his disease. And most people simply cannot afford to pay out of pocket for medical costs.

These legal immigrants are being penalized simply because States do not like illegal immigrants. And if these States enact these laws, should they at least attempt to teach their personnel the Federal Immigration laws?

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