Anti Immigration Stance and Xenophobia

A recent New York Times article traces the modern anti immigration movement to Dr. John Tanton.

The article points out that Dr. Tanton’s writing reveals that he believes in genetic supremacy of the white race. In fairness, the article also points out how pro-immigration crusadors are demonizing the entire anti immigration movement by pinning it on the supremacist views of Dr. Tanton. However, the anti immigration movement is NOT a centrist movement as their proponents claim. No immigrant (legal or illegal) is taking the job of any US Citizen. Our laws make it very difficult to employ immigrants, legal or illegal. And no one will leave their country and come to the United States if they dont find jobs. And do these immigrants lower the wages? YOU BET. But thats the reality of a marketplace. If we artificially restrict movement of people and inflate our wages, then countries like China will simply fill the void. And if we restrict trade as well—- well, we will go back to the 19th Century society, and watch as the world turns. We are one world now, and the world is a mouse click away. Lets just accept this and move on. If US Citizens want a job, compete just like immigrants do.

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