Peter King, Muslims, the Hysteria

Today, the Chairman of the Department Of Homeland Security in the House, a Republican from New York, Peter King testified before the House about the “growing radicaliszation of American Muslims.” He has previously said more than 80% of mosques were tainted by radicalism. I wonder where he got that figure. There were two people who testified that they their relatives, (a son and a nephew) turned radical. Two out of how many muslims in this nation? Two is a trend for Mr. King. Enough to scrutinize every Muslim in America and deprive them of their fundamental right to privacy. Not to mention the humiliation.
Interestingly where were these republicans when Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma. Or during the KKK ralies? Unfortunately its so easy to target and demonize an identifiable minority group. And if America does this, can it really champion Freedom and Democracy to the rest of the world?

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