Laissez Faire and Immigration

Two seemingly unconnected things happened this week, yet they are connected by a broad policy issue. The 65,000 H-1B quota finished last week. And a Florida Judge ruled that Obama’s health care was unconstitutional. Yes, health care and immigration has nothing in common, but the laissez faire policy reaches out to every facet of Government.

The Florida judge ruled that the State cannot compel an individual to buy public health care. In a 78 page opinion, the judge goes back to American history, and the founding father’s intentions of creating a society founded on freedom, where State does not interfere on individual’s life. The Republican and tea party are rejoicing in that decision. Yet, the same people have no problem establishing quotas on business immigration.

There are only 65,000 (and 20,000 for US Master’s holders) H-1B visas given annually. In years when the economy was better, there were more than 200,000 petitions filed on the first day (April 01). When the economy got worse, the filings slowed down. Last year, the numbers finished in late December, this year it was late January.

Thus filings mirror the marketplace. It is this imposition of an unnatural quota that is contrary to the founding father’s intentions. Even now, there may be a doctor, who cannot give services due to the numbers, or a highly needed software professional, who cannot get an urgent work done.

Why don’t we go back to the original intentions of our nation, as a Capitalist Laissez faire economy, abolish unnatural quotass, and have the market place determine what is necessary?

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