Houston Immigration Attorney Explains How to Choose a Good Immigration Lawyer

By February 28, 2011News & Press

It can be daunting and frustrating to undergo the immigration process. Most people will find themselves overwhelmed when they start to sit down and mull over all the immigration forms. Most straightforward cases can be lucky enough to go through the immigration process without too many snags along the way. However, reasons for hiring a good immigration lawyer to guide you through the process are many.

To start off, complicated and complex cases should seek the advice of a good immigration lawyer, as the one who does not have the time to dedicate or lacks confidence in preparing the forms themselves. But selecting a good immigration attorney requires homework. There are many scams out there that claim that they can do so much for your case, take money and fees, but come out with no results.

“Firstly, it is important to get references by asking family, friends or co-workers. What happens is that people generally are apt to tell someone about a good lawyer or good service and are quicker to tell someone who isn’t good or what to avoid,” said Annie Banerjee, a Houston immigration attorney from the Law Offices of Annie Banerjee.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is a database where the public can search for attorneys who either teach or practice immigration law. By doing research on this website, it is possible to narrow down a good immigration lawyer while being more certain that they have considerable knowledge of immigration laws.

Set up interviews with the lawyers and narrow it down some more. Then compare their fees and rates. Some charge by the hour, while some lawyers charge a flat rate. Be careful to ask if they tack on those additional fees that involve stamps, long distance calls or courier fees.

Lastly, be sure to check their credentials by simply checking with your state local bar to confirm whether or not the lawyer is in good standing, is licensed in the state and if there were any disciplinary actions on him or her in the past.

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