The Law Office of Annie Banerjee Helps with Immigration Needs and Solves Immigration Problems

By January 2, 2011News & Press

Applying for a visa or an employment-based green card can be very daunting, time-consuming and expensive. A visa or a green card application can be rejected or denied due to the simplest mistakes made when filling out or submitting the application.

Usually, this happens when the beneficiary tries to save money by trying to fill out the application on his or her own. Sometimes, the mistake can even more costly. Therefore, it is important that those applying for a visa or employment-based green card contact a qualified immigration lawyer.

A qualified immigration law office can guide applicants through the application process and advise clients about the steps and requirements they would need for an employment-based permanent residency green card or the various other categories that best describes their situation.

The Law Offices of Annie Banerjee is a Houston based law practice that can assist applicants and help them navigate through the maze of immigration laws that are mandated by federal law that are applied the same to every state. They can discuss an applicant’s options and the cost of the application process.

The Law Offices of Annie Banerjee can help applicants with:

  • Visas and Green Cards (for foreign nations who seek temporary or permanent residence)
  • Employment based immigration (for employers and foreign professionals)
  • Family based immigration (through the process of brining immediate family members)
  • Adjustment of Status (for people wanting to petition for legal permanent residence)
  • Non-immigrant Visas (for people who don’t plan to stay permanently)
  • Citizenship
  • Asylum (refugees who a seek safe haven from persecution)

“We believe in helping those who are trying to apply for various types of immigration to gain their status legally, the most cost-effective way possible. We will try assisting you and helping you the best way possible,” said Attorney Annie Banerjee. “Problem solving does not involve a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. We focus on our clients’ needs and goals and then craft a plan of action to achieve an efficient resolution of our clients’ problems.”

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