Does Immigrants actually take jobs?

Meet Mr. Patel. He came to this country from India, illegally at first, many years ago, and then naturalized. He started working at the bottom of the ladder, in his cousin’s motel. He worked at least 12 hour days and saved money. Eventually he bought a motel, then another. Now he has a string of 6 Holiday Inns. He employs a lot of Americans.

Meet Mr. Ebrahim. He came from Pakistan on a visitor’s visa pre 9/11. He bought a convenience store. Initially the whole family worked 24/7 to keep it going. Now he has 3 convenience store. He employs a lot of Americans.

Meet Mr. Oschwitz. He came to the US on an L-1 visa from Romania. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, and the rise of Capitalism, he opened a chain of gas stations in Romania. He brought over a million US dollars. Now he owns 5 gas stations and an apartment complex here. He employs a lot of Americans.

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Meet Mr. Reddy. He came over from India on an H-1B, and eventually got his green card. Now he has a big Computer Consultancy Company. He employs a lot of Americans.

Meet Mr. Bose. He came over from India as a student, graduated from MIT, and has his own business where he researches and makes audio equipments. He employs a lot of Americans.

I have altered the names of these individual to provide anonymity, but the stories are true.

Do hard working Immigrants really take jobs from American Citizens? Should we ban immigration, and take away the jobs of all Americans who work for an immigrant?