When life, liberty and property goes by Government mistake

The purpose of modern democratic Government is to look at the welfare of the Public. It is not to hang people, it is not to deport people, it is to protect people. Yes, the Government should enforce the law, but they do not have the right to restrict the life and liberty of innocent people. Yet very often that’s what happens.

Recently, the Innocence project of New York uncovered that a man executed in Texas in 2000 by a proof of a single strand of hair was a mistake. The hair did not match DNA evidence. The New Yorker Magazine last summer also uncovered how a Texas man was put to death for a fire that killed his children, a fire he did not set. Not only did he loose his children, but he also lost his life falsely at the hands of the Government.

Similarly TRAC came out with a report that of all the persons that ICE seeks to deport, the judges have found 33% were wrongly held. Many people born here cannot speak the language, and are assumed to be illegal. If ICE is doing such a poor job, I shudder to think what Arizona will do.

Yet when the country was founded, it was founded to ensure that the Citizen’s life liberty and property were protected. The founding fathers guaranteed that in our Constitution. Yet more and more we are moving away from a benevolent state to one were laws are enforced sometimes unfairly.

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