Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a program called IMAGE (ICE mutual Agreement between Government and Employers.) The program is designed to prevent employers from hiring illegal workers.

It is a voluntary program whereby the employers participate in E verify and Social Security Verification Service and train their personnel in “Image Best Practices.”

There is a report out that two Houston Area businesses joined IMAGE. One is a Maintainance and Costruction Company which does exclusively federal Government services, and the other is a staffing agency which provides high level jobs. Obviosuly both these businesses cannot hire illegal workers. So its easy for them to sign on.

But the businesses that cannot find workers— restaurants, poultry, general construction, etc, will not sign on. They prefer to have American workers, but those workers dont work hard, and charge too much.

If there were no jobs in the US for the illegal people, they would not be here. But there is. They do the jobs that American people would rather collect welfare than do.

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