Federal Government Involved in Class Action Lawsuit for Special Immigrant Juveniles Status

By November 15, 2010News & Press

One of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S. is undocumented minors who are removed from the homes because of abuse.

They are taken away and placed into the care and custody of the state’s child protection services. It can be very difficult to untangle the multitudes of undocumented minors who are separated from their families, who cannot obtain lawful employment or attend college and are subjected to an array of harsh realities such as the threat of arrest, incarceration or deportation.

There are few child welfare personnel who are familiar with immigrant children and family issues, which can be wide-ranging and often difficult. Due to the increase in immigration enforcement and the details of immigration laws, the child welfare staff is usually at a loss to give effective support services to an undocumented minor.

Undocumented children who obtain Special Immigrant Juvenile status get legal permanent residency by obtaining a green card. They are often eventually able to legally work in the United States, qualify for state tuition and apply for citizenship after a period of five years.

The Perez-Olano Full Class Notice proposed a settlement and hearing in a class action lawsuit for Special Immigrant Juveniles in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California scheduled for Dec. 13 in Los Angeles, Calif. It will be heard by Honorable Dean D. Pregerson.

This is a nationwide settlement that will affect the rights of many young immigrants (including minors in removal proceedings) who are eligible for SIJ status. The settlement was proposed from class counsel of The Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law in Los Angeles, Calif.

The Immigrant Litigation Fund is supported by The Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law. They both support and encourage immigration attorneys in private practice or working with non-profit organizations to go after remedies in the courts for the immigrant and refugee populations.

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