I seldom have reason to praise the Department of Homeland Security, but I think that the Secure Communities Program will work. The program will automatically check fingerprints of prisoners, convicted of crimes, and if they are found to be illegal, they will be deported. Whats neat about this program is that since it will be done by an automated fingerprint check, there will be no violations of innocent people’s rights as it is in Arizona. No one will deport anyone simply because they look Hispanic. All deportees under this program will be convicted criminals. This program started in Texas, and is scheduled to take place all over the US by 2013.

Yet no one is happy. Jim Harrington, the head of Texas Civil Rights Project told Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that people who have committed minor crimes will also be deported. It seems that Immigration activists don’t want ANY deportation— period. While the anti immigrant groups praise this saying that illegal immigrants make up all murderers, and violent criminals. That is simply not true. Most crimes are committed by US Citizens, so the program will not “secure” our communities. Yet, it will send a message to the illegal communities that if you get convicted, you will be deported.

The division shows how the left and the right just cannot see eye to eye and compromise on anything. I have no problems with law abiding illegal workers who earn a living simply because Americans will not do the work at their price. The price that the illegal people set for a job is the market price— not the artificially inflated prices of labor unions. But Americans will rather collect food stamps than work hard jobs at competitive prices. However illegals are here illegally, and should be deported even if they commit minor crimes like possession of drugs. And that is why I think this is a great compromise between the right and the left wing, and laud the DHS for introducing this program.

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