To kill a Mockingbird—- Arizona Style

Arizona, (or at least the Maricopa County) wants to do away with the US Constitution altogether. The feds have sued the county because they engaged in willful discrimination, illegal searches and seizures and English only policy in their jails. The feds asked for documents 15 months ago, and Maricopa county has not complied.

Obviously Maricopa is hiding something. I am willing to bet that many of those Hispanics or brown people (and I’m sure they are legal or else Sheriff Arpaio would have either killed or have them deported already) is being detained for no legal reasons whatsoever. If the Sheriff is a confirmed racist, the jury will not be any different.

Meanwhile the Pew Research Center released a study saying that most illegals have left Arizona and the number coming into the US has declined.

Arizona does not want to follow the principles of the US Constitution. Yet it wants to be a part of the US? Why get the benefits of the federal dollars, if you cannot maintain the tolerance that is the hallmark of the US. And even John McCain, who with Senator Kennedy had once introduced the best comprehensive immigration bill in the Country ever, is now anti immigrant. He even said that most accidents are caused by illegal immigrants! What a Republican can do for votes.

Wonder if what Sheriff Arpaio’s forefathers would do if the Native Americans tried to deport them.

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