The Pledge to America—- We will keep it White and Christian

This blog is for humor purposes, there is no truth to it.

Read our lips, No new taxes whatsoever—– yeah the deficit, who cares, we just increase it and then blame it on Obama. As long as our white constituents don’t have to pay for the poor blacks and the Hispanics.

We will cut everything—- public education, food stamps, etc. But not the military. Need to keep fighting, “to keep America safe.”

Oh, I forgot, the other way to do this is to prevent the rise of Muslims. No new mosques. Actually we should infuse this fear of Muslims into our children too—– lets do a reverse jihad on the Muslims. Lets follow Texas’ lead and rewrite the history of the 11 to 15th Century. During this period the Christians were regrouping and making a grass roots revolution. We did not trade with the world to prevent the growth of those Muslims. We cut our spending and prayed in our monasteries instead.
Just like we should do now.

And of course one way to do this is to cut out the illegals. We should not spend on them. Follow Arizona. Those slimes will not vote for us if we grant them citizenship. Yeah, and kill those anchor babies as well. Then we don’t have to bother with changing our constitution to divest them of citizenship.

Written by Houston Immigration Lawyer or Houston Immigration Attorney, Annie Banerjee