The American Dream

Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act better known for its acronym, the dream Act, is again going to be debated as early as next week. The Democrats are going to append it to the Department of Defense Authorization Bill. The Dream Act is aimed at legalizing those children bought over illegally by their parents, have graduated high school and plan to attend at least a two year college or join the military. We educate these children, they are here illegally through no fault of their own, they studied, graduated high school, and in many instances college, and yet cannot work here legally. I know several Masters Degree holders who are illegal. They work illegally as clerks in convenient stores, no where realizing their potential. You would think that their plight will have non partisan support in the Congress. Yet this bill has not passed since 2001.

We pay for their education, yet we don’t employ them, so that they can pay taxes and be productive members of society. What’s tragic is that even though they fall in love and marry US Citizens, they still cannot get residency, because they “entered illegally.”

I really hope that the Senate and Congress will come together on this issue. But with the current Republican strategy of “just say no” and with certain members introducing such terms as anchor babies, I doubt anything will get passed. Another time their dreams will be shattered.

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