Immigration and Stephen Colbert

I loved Stephen Colbert’s Republican solutions for alternatives to legalizing the illegal farm workers. No American will work in farms, and we wont legalize the Mexicans who actually work there. So:

1. We should grow fruits and vegetables that pick themselves— with the help of Fruit of the Loom Scientists
2. Stop eating fruits and vegetables— Which Americans have started doing already

In the same vein, I would like to add some Democratic Solutions to Professional Employment based visas, where it seems they have a vendetta againt Indian Computer Professionals.

1. Make the average Permanent Visa wait times for Indian and Chinese people to be 150 years. Dont extend their H-1B, they just need to go back to India or China and come back in 150 years

2. Stop programming office Computers—– go work in the farms instead. Kill two birds with one stone— no more Indian Computer professional, and no more illegal Mexicans either. Immigration problem solved.

3. Raise the taxes of the Indian and Chinese H-1B professionals to 200% of their income. Not only will we take care of border security (which we are now doing with the $4000/- per H-1B fees from Indian Companies), but we will also take care of the budget deficit with the Indian and Chinese money. Then we can give Cadillac health care to all those people who had stopped eating fruits and vegetables following Mr. Colbert.

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