Xenophobia and Immigration in Arizona

At the heart of any Immigration Law in any country is Xenophobia. No matter how you look at it, its one group, who established themselves in a place trying to keep others out. Even if this means handing a carrot to any group, its still based on the idea that a certain group of people have sovereign rights to a certain place. And it is this territorial and supremacist ideas that lead to acts of war and terrorism. Imagine if Al-Qaeda did not care if other people were different from them.

In passing SB 1070, Gov. Jan Brewer and other Fox news types, tried to justify their Xenophobia by saying that since the federal government wont do anything about immigration, their state will take it on. Probably they thought that restricting immigration will mean more jobs for their citizen. Yet, sadly its the Republican’s philosophy (which I think is correct) that the economy should not be manipulated by the Government. Laissez Faire and Capitalism were hardly swear words to Republicans.

Any employer, whether they are individuals wanting their lawns cut, or construction companies, or restaurants, will hire legal immigrants if the legal immigrants do a good job at a right price. But they cant find one. American workers would rather sit on their a** and collect food stamps than work in difficult jobs. And if they do work, they will charge phenomenal amounts. I will not pay more to my grass cutter than to my doctor, simply because grass cutting does not require the same level of knowledge as cutting the heart.

Of course hiding under this SB-1070 is the fact that this will give the likes of Sarah Palin the license to go “hunting” in Arizona.

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