Arizona Senate Bill 1070’s Aftermath

A lot has happened since Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a controversial bill ostensibly intended to curb illegal immigration.

The reaction to a measure that many with white skin applaud and those who are “persons of color” deplore has been fast and furious. Republicans, for the most part, although there have been defectors, have defended the new law, decrying what they see as federal interference in Arizona affairs, denying even the inference of “racial profiling” occurring as the law is enforced this summer, and characterizing the enacted Senate Bill 1070 as a “necessary tool in the hands of law enforcement” for stemming the dangerous and toxic tide of illegal immigrants into their state. Most everybody else – including Democrats in Arizona and people of brown skin who may be targeted by police under the tenet of “reasonable suspicion” but extending to professional baseball players from the Arizona Diamondbacks and to boycotting professional basketball players performing for the suddenly resurgent Phoenix Suns and to a raft of national out-of-staters with celebrity status ranging from rappers “Public Enemy” and Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane – oppose it.

Heated debate is raging about the celebrity-studded violent and viral “Machete Trailer,” filled with A-list actors who oppose the law and its proponents and has garnered in excess of 1 million YouTube hits in barely a fortnight since the polarizing law was passed and signed into law. In the very brief (less than 3 minutes) trailer produced by Robert Rodriquez a vigilante Mexican hero out for blood announces, as if directly confronting proponents of Senate Bill 1070, “You just messed with the wrong Mexican.” This trailer has sparked vociferous outrage, a backlash to the backlash if you will – from the likes of rightwing icons such as radio talk show host Alex Jones and the Fox News outcast Glenn Beck, both renowned if dishonored in thoughtful circles for their conspiratorial and sometimes Fascist rants. While illegal immigration is growing as a serious issue and may well threaten a still-unsteady U.S. economy and border security, few unbiased observers believe that the Arizona law will do a whole lot to spark genuine and comprehensive immigration reform.

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