Akhil Amar for Supreme Court Justice

I would like to see Akhil Amar as the next Supreme Court Justice. And that is not only because he knows more about Constitutional Law than most Supreme Court Justices. But as a group, Asians don’t have much clout in Politics. We have small numbers. Yet, we score the highest SAT scores, we earn the highest average salaries of any other group. Yet we have negligible representation in Government.

Our children get into the best colleges through merit alone, we don’t have affirmative action or legacy. And very often than not, schools discriminate against us. Princeton was sued recently by Asians because they adversely discriminated against Asians. So all other groups can get in with much lower grades than we do. That is why schools have created this “holistic” approach, so that they can tell Asians that education is not enough.

The legal profession takes this discrimination even one step further. Not many Asians are partners of big law firm. So even though Neal Katyal convinced the Bush Supreme Court to rule against Guantanamo, he was just a professor at Georgetown. Mr. Amar is a professor at Yale. But Professorships don’t pay. Neither does in house counsel. So most Asians become doctors.

In the process we are loosing some brilliant minds to Law. We need to uphold the image of Asians as effective lawyers. And after all they have the brains and education to prove it.

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