Airport Searches

By January 5, 2010News & Press

The Christmas day incident about the attempted Airplane bombing reveal that we are not safe and terrorism can happen, even with the security system in place. The US yesterday revealed a list of 10 countries whose citizens will face added searches, including padding down. The countries are: Nigeria, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Syria and Cuba. While there is little doubt that these countries have terrorist cells, patting down a 70 year old grandmother from Pakistan will not achieve anything. It will simply be a waste of time, because the terrorists will recruit persons from non listed countries, or get passports and visas from some of these countries. So we will simply have to add countries to this list.

Israel does a behavior recognition system which works wonderfully. They do added searches to people looking nervous. But Israel is a small country and can take its time with all passengers. It is impossible to train TSA personnel to operate fast and look for behavior issues for the volume of traveler we have in the US.

The best thing to do is to have body scanners in all airports. Yes, its expensive to install, but in the long run its much cheaper. And those who feel like their privacy will be violated, maybe should not travel.

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