State Dinner for India

By November 24, 2009News & Press

President Obama is holding a State dinner for India and this is getting a lot of media coverage in the mean stream media. This is his first State dinner. Even Fox news mentioned that GOP leader John McCain was not invited. Yes, Fox news, but Mr. Conservative Bobby Jindal (who is surprisingly very Anti Indian) is invited.

Whats important is that India is rising as a Nation, and friendship ties between India (and China) and the US will strengthen both economies.

A lot of Hollywood personalities were invited, including Stephen Spielberg. And of course AR Rahman of Jai Ho fame.

What surprises me though is that meat is not being served, but prawns are. When I left India vegetarians did not eat meat, fish or eggs. They did drink milk. And some people did eat eggs. And we have some great national meat dishes, including the Tandoori Chicken and the British National dish of Chicken tikka masala. Well, at least they were pared the tasteless, no matter how you cook it turkey.

Happy feasting Mr. Obama and Mr. Singh!

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