Health Care bill hinges on Immigration Issue

By November 6, 2009News & Press

The Health care bill needs 40 democrats to vote to pass the House. According to Washington Post, 20 Hispanic democrats may not vote if the immigration language in the bill is taken out.

The Bill states that illegal immigrants cannot buy private insurance plans with their own money under the new plan.

Yes, the Obama administration is bending over backwards to pacify the anti immigrant Republicans. But these republicans, and yes, even Mr. Joe “You lie” Wilson of South Carolina have to have some amount of pragmatism.

These illegal immigrants are working here, making money. Many don’t pay taxes. And guess what, they do fall sick. So they end up at Hospital Emergencies all across the United States and then we tax payers foot the bill for them. So in essence we are giving them free health care, and will continue to do so under the Republican “You lie” health care scheme.

Come on Republicans, do you want to give these hated illegal immigrants free health care? Let them buy their own out of the money they make in America.

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