State Dinner for India

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President Obama is holding a State dinner for India and this is getting a lot of media coverage in the mean stream media. This is his first State dinner. Even Fox news mentioned that GOP leader John McCain was not invited. Yes, Fox news, but Mr. Conservative Bobby Jindal (who is surprisingly very Anti Indian) is invited.

Whats important is that India is rising as a Nation, and friendship ties between India (and China) and the US will strengthen both economies.

A lot of Hollywood personalities were invited, including Stephen Spielberg. And of course AR Rahman of Jai Ho fame.

What surprises me though is that meat is not being served, but prawns are. When I left India vegetarians did not eat meat, fish or eggs. They did drink milk. And some people did eat eggs. And we have some great national meat dishes, including the Tandoori Chicken and the British National dish of Chicken tikka masala. Well, at least they were pared the tasteless, no matter how you cook it turkey.

Happy feasting Mr. Obama and Mr. Singh!

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H-1B site raids revisited

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Computerworld is reporting that USCIS will conduct 25000 H-1B raids up from 5191 last year.

For more details on what the CIS is looking for in these raids please refer to two of my previous blogs.

Two of my clients were “raided” and another one had somebody visit the beneficiary’s job site.

In all these cases the officer did not ask for any documents. They seemed satisfied that the job location site actually existed, and that the beneficiary actually worked there. Beneficiaries were not questioned extensively at all.

According to the Computerworld article the USCIS found “various problems including fraud” in nearly one in five H-1B applications last year.

Yes it is important to combat fraud. But much of the fraud is because the USCIS (as does the DOL) does not accept the reality of workplace situations. In the IT business the end user usually contracts with someone, who then contracts with someone else to get the employee. For instance, Computer consulting Company A has an individual ready to work. Computer Consulting Company A has a contract with Consulting Company B. Consulting Company B has an agreement with say Megacorp C to perform the work. So A contracts the employee to B who then place him at C. The CIS holds that Company A cannot petition for the beneficiary, since Company A will not control the beneficiary and hence is not the proper employer. Company B is.

Why should control of a professional matter? Do professionals with at least a Bachelor’s Degree need control? Why cant the CIS look into the reality of workplace situations?

Instead the Government is using the $500 fraud fee that it collects from Employers filing for H-1b to hire workers who does not understand the complexities of the problem to act as policeman and visit sites.

Also in keeping with this fraud finding, the CIS gives out ridiculous “requests for evidence” (RFE) to small employers. They need everything under the kitchen sink. The Company’s taxes, wage report, pictures, type of toilet tissue they use, coffee maker’s name. I only wish I was kidding.

All this only discourages small businesses, the backbone of the US economy from filing H-1B petitions. Yet look at this year. From April 01 to November 13, only 55,600 applications have been filed. Is this not proof that the marketplace takes care of the filings, and that most employers do not file false petitions?

And lets face it, no small employer can afford just the government fees of $1570/- per H-1B candidate, not to mention attorney’s fees unless they really want the foreign employee. So these employees are NOT taking US jobs, much as the democrats like to think. And true to the democratic principal, there are no more fraud investigations on family based immigration like “paper marriages”, which are far more dangerous than simply not allowing H-1Bs who don’t have contracts with end users not to file.

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Lou Dobbs Exits CNN

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I am Lou Dobbs. You probably heard by now, I am forced out of CNN.

And CNN claims they lost viewership because of me. Bull shit! See you popular Rush is.
Every reasonable person with an IQ of less than 100 listens to us. We along with Sarah Palin is the new face for the Republican party. Believe me, we will take down those democrats soon. If it means that every dog and cow in this country has to vote for us, we will see to it that it does. Not like Acorn, allowing illegal immigrants to vote. The dogs and cows have to be born in America and so do their parents and grandparents.

The liberal media has just gone out of hand! And I am sure that that illegal Obama personally requested CNN to throw me out. Folks, he is waging war against me, against Fox news. We are in a dictatorship folks, we are the same as Kim Jong IL. Face it, George Bush spent his time ,( when he wasn’t hunting or sleeping,) working. Obama spends his time waging war against me. We are indeed in very dark days. And he is an illegal, holding the top job in this country!!!

When we take over America again, we will gather all the illegal immigrants and gas them. Yes, Hitler had the right idea. In fact, we should consider denying rights to non white people born in the US. They have no rights, their fathers and grandfathers were not born here.

Folks, rise up against that illegal bastard, Obama!

And keep listening to me.

Yours forever,


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Health Care bill hinges on Immigration Issue

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The Health care bill needs 40 democrats to vote to pass the House. According to Washington Post, 20 Hispanic democrats may not vote if the immigration language in the bill is taken out.

The Bill states that illegal immigrants cannot buy private insurance plans with their own money under the new plan.

Yes, the Obama administration is bending over backwards to pacify the anti immigrant Republicans. But these republicans, and yes, even Mr. Joe “You lie” Wilson of South Carolina have to have some amount of pragmatism.

These illegal immigrants are working here, making money. Many don’t pay taxes. And guess what, they do fall sick. So they end up at Hospital Emergencies all across the United States and then we tax payers foot the bill for them. So in essence we are giving them free health care, and will continue to do so under the Republican “You lie” health care scheme.

Come on Republicans, do you want to give these hated illegal immigrants free health care? Let them buy their own out of the money they make in America.

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