Mojave Cross, Scalia and Religion

By October 7, 2009Commentary

Dear Justice Scalia,

How can you say that the Cross is not a religious symbol? Is it really the “most common symbol of the resting place of the dead? ”

How many Christian die in ratio of the addition of Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and all other religions?

You have not lived your life as a non Christian, especially in the South. When I first came into this country, I came with a commodity lacking in the US, a brain. My children were enrolled in River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, Texas.(ROBS) There, they were probably the best students (they subsequently went on to Yale and Duke while the majority of ROBS students have IQs like Mr. G W Bush), they were severely discriminated against because of their race and religion. They were given bad evaluations, put in lower level classes, and constantly put down.

Once when we were seeing a Japanese dance, my six year old daughter commented that “mom can I paint my face white when I go to school.” When I asked why, she replied that , “then kids would play with me, and teachers will love me.”

She was told to expand on a bible verse that said that people who believe in images are like dogs. We are Hindus.

When I went to law school at South Texas College of Law quite a few teachers thought that I was not smart because of my skin color or ethnic origin. I graduated third highest from that school. I also studied on a full academic scholarship. Oh yes, grades were blind, profs did not know whose papers they were grading.

When I go to Court, the many judges do the same thing, look at me as if I don’t know anything. And yes, in Texas Courts, the Judges have bibles on their desk. Its a chilling reminder to me that me and my faith are outsiders to this country.

We have to decide, whether we will be the open country for all religions, like we were when the pilgrims came, or be pro one religion, like Iran.

Look at the list of Nobel Laureates in Science in 2009. How many of them are American Citizens? All but one. How many of them were born in America? None but one.

Justice Scalia, unless we create a tolerant society, we will loose our standing in the world. Do you really want to go back to the 50s America?

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