What is a Company for Immigration Purposes?

A Company is defined as its Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) for Immigration issues. When a Corporation seeks to hire a foreign national under a federal Immigration Law, it stands to reason that the Company should have a FEIN in order to hire that individual.

In a recent decision, In the Matter of Ornelas Inc, The Board of Immigration Appeals verified that the Company’s yellow page listing, or business licenses does not establish a bona fide Company.

Additionally, if two related companies have two different FEIN numbers, and the alien has worked for one entity, and the other entity is sponsoring the alien, the alien can use that experience and it will not be counted as experience from the same Company. Usually the alien cannot use the experience from the same company for labor certification, with the rationale being that the company can easily employ and American and train that person as well. But if say XY has two FEIn numbers, and the alien has worked for a division of Company X, and the petitioner is Y, then that expiration can be counted, even though the two companies are in the same location.

Thus if the two related companies have two different FEIN numbers, the Labor Dept treats them as two separate companies. Does not make sense, but then, the Dept of Labor never lives in a real world.

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