Judge Sotomayor-Can anyone overcome heritage?

By June 9, 2009Commentary

Mr. Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice Judge Sotomayor has lived the American dream, from a poor household in the Bronx, to Suma Cum Laude Graduate in Princeton, to Yale law school. Yet there has been a lot of criticism about the fact that she said that her experiences as a hispanic will lead her to have a different world view than say a white male. The conservatives have labeled her a racist. Yet, can we ever be race neutral? Stephen Colbert aptly points that out when he says he does not see color.

Sentient human beings believe in things, shaped by their experiences in life. A republican may have a pro life, pro second Amendment, anti gay views. A democrat may have the opposite. yet each individual can argue and give rational explanations for their beliefs.

Yet, someone of Sotomayor’s intellectual capability can dissociate their private beliefs and look at the facts of a case. Can Scalia, Roberts or Alito ever rule for, lets say a gay couple, no matter how compelling the facts of the case are? Are they then not being prejudiced as well?

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