The NEW LCA (iCERT) Portal

By April 17, 2009Commentary, News & Press

The Department of Labor has just introduced a new spiffy internet portal called iCERT.

Employers and Attorneys have to sign on to the new portal, and cannot file new Labor Condition Application (for filing H visas) on the old system anymore after May 15.

The new portal looks great. It has everything in one site— wage determination, LCA, PERM, etc. But most if not all attorneys and employers have a huge database of clients who they represented over the years, and that data is stored in what they call the legacy sites. The new site has a link to the old site, but data from the old site will not transfer to the new portal. Which means a lot more unnecessary work for us. Neither does data transfer from one part of the portal like wage determination into another part, like ETA 9035, the LCA form. So why then have everything under one portal?

I don’t know how much tax payer dollars went into building this new site. But I think whoever designed this just did not think and thinking is of course not part of any Governmental job.

Other minor irritations with this site is that every time you log in, a screen pops up saying ALL data will be “monitored, intercepted, recorded, read, copied, or captured and disclosed in any manner by authorized personnel.” Yes, we know this is public record. We dont mind. But must we have to click it EVERY time! Why can they not have it only the first time.

The secret questions which you submit to DOL, the answer to which you have to recall if you should forget your password or have any problems, all deal with “your favorite…..” I (and most users of this database) are not TWEENS. I don’t have, Oh my God, my favorite food, my favorite movie, and of course those vampire books, and I’ll always love Zac Efron. I didn’t even know who Zac Efron was until he came on SNL last week. The DOL does not realize that the world for us has variety, and we have multiple favorites.

And yes, we cannot at present think of any other useful thing to do with tax dollars than building a new spiffy web site for the DOL.

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